The Office Barn -
A Historical Timber Frame Restoration

For 175 years this multi-level bank barn was an important part of a family farm in rural Ohio. The ten foot high lower level stone walls had started to crumble and needed costly repairs. The property owners could not justify the high repair costs to restore a building they felt was outdated for modern farming.

This magnificent barn was acquired by Heritage Reclaimed Structures, Inc. and then dismantled, restored, relocated, and reconstructed as a 38’x 80’ timber frame office building with 7,200 square feet.


It has 3,040 square feet of office space in the lower level, 3,040 square feet on the main level floor, a 22’x 38’ loft floor just above the main level floor, and yet another 18’x 22’ loft floor in the upper gable end. It has offices on all levels, a conference room on the main level and in the lower level, a full kitchen on the main level and a kitchenette in the lower level. Restrooms are located in both the lower and upper levels.

In addition to the offices it has a large open area with tables that is typically used for meetings, banquets and several weddings and receptions for which the barn has unexpectedly become very popular

The stone used on the lower level walls was provided by Early American Barns, Inc. It’s 100+ year old hand cut and shaped limestone that was reclaimed by acquiring and dismantling a one room school house, a large two story house, and a small prairie homestead house. Unwanted, these stone buildings were in terrible condition with collapsing roofs, but the beautiful buff colored, pitch faced stone was perfect for this barn preservation project. Please visit the Century Old Reclaimed Stone showcase.

If you have an interest in building a restored Early American Timber Frame for your next timber frame home or timber frame business or using reclaimed stone for your next building project then please give me a call and let’s discuss the many options and possibilities available to you.

Ken Andre

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